Summer Outfit Recreation

It’s officially summer and we can not wait to break out all of our favorite pieces for the warm weather! One of my favorite trends coming back for the summer of 2017 is jean skirts. I feel like its true when they say everything comes back in style eventually and that is certainly true for this summer trend. I have been loving this distressed jean skirt paired with a flowy or off the shoulder white top so I thought I would share a recreation of one of my favorite looks!

This effortless but put together look is perfect for any occasion! I love how simple this outfit is while still being fashionable! From the trends of the off the shoulder top and jean skirt to the simple but effective jeweler and accessories this outfit has it all! Which is exactly why it is at the top of my list to recreate.

So to start us off we will talk about the white off-the-shoulder top that is one of the staples of this outfit. This was more challenging than I thought it was going to be initially. One the one hand there are so many options out there right now for an off-the-shoulder look that I was a tad over whelmed. But on the other hand I had a much harder time then I thought I would finding one that look exactly like the one in the picture.

So here are the options that I came up with! The first option is this off-the-shoulder crop top from Forever 21 ($15.90). I chose this option over the hundreds of others from Forever because it was very similar stitching as the top in the pictures. It doesn’t have that second layer of fabric along the top but I think you can still achieve the same type of look with this piece! The second option I chose was the Socialite crochet off the shoulder top from Nordstrom ($42). This is a great option for recreating this outfit because like the top in the photo it has that double layer at the top. It also has some beautiful crochet detail.


Jeans skirts have been popping up everywhere and a huge trend for summer so it won’t be hard to find one that fits your style to recreate this outfit! I decided to stay with the distressed look for my options but there are plenty of non-distressed options if that is something you prefer. My first option is the Asymmetrical Frayed Denim Skirt from Forever 21 ($19.90). I tend to always find pieces for these posts at Forever21 because I think it’s the best place to shop for pieces that are super trendy and not typically closet staples. Like this jean skirt sure they are super in right now but you never know when that could change! That being said I think this is a great option for recreating this outfit because it has a similar distressed hem as the skirt in the picture. The second option I found is a little closer to the look in the picture but also much much pricier then the Forever 21 option. It is the 7 For All ManKind Mini Scalloped Skit in Vintage Wyhte for $189. Now the style of the skirt is almost perfect for this outfit….but the price not so much. I love the look of the skirt and the overly distressed hem I think it is perfect for recreating this outfit! But I also don’t think it is necessary to go out and spend almost $200 on a skirt. I didn’t want to throw this option in here though because it is the closest thing I found to the picture, color wise and style wise. (Let me know if you guys can find anything closer because I’m dying to find something exactly like the picture 😍)

Moving on to the accessories the first thing you notice is the beautiful tan cross body that totally compliments the white top and denim skirt. Cross bodies are the perfect bags for summer and I’m loving the bohemian style this one has!

The first option I have for you guys is the Faux Leather Crossbody from Forever21 ($18) This is a great option if you are on a budget! Forever has some amazing quality handbags and I am assuming this one is no different. It is also the perfect size for summer to just through your phone and a few necessities in! Our second Option is the Elle & Jae Gypset Amarillo Cutwork Faux Suede Crossbody from Nordstrom for $52.80 (its on sale right now and is originally $88) This bag has been on my Nordstrom wishlist for awhile now! I love the embroidered look and the raw edge detail around the bag.

As for the jewelry it is pretty simple, a layered necklace and a simple gold bangle but you can always mix it up and wear some of your own favorite pieces! I picked out two pieces that I have had my eye on for awhile that just so happened to work perfectly with this outfit. The first piece is this simple gold bangle from Kate Spade ($32) I have been loving gold jewelry lately and a simple gold bangle is the perfect way to pull any outfit together! The next piece of jewelry that I have been loving recently is this Forever 21 Layered Rhinestone Necklace ($6.90) It looks pretty similar to the necklace in the picture and it would be a perfect way to add a little something since the shirt is so bare around your neck and shoulders!

I hope you guys enjoyed this outfit recreation and find a little inspiration from the pieces that I shared! Don’t forget to send me any requiems for recreating outfits through our contact page 😊


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