Sunday Riley Sunday School Set Review

Hi everyone, its Lyn here! I have mentioned in a couple of our recent videos that I have been totally revamping my skin care lately. I was very intrigued by a lot of Sunday Riley products but because of the high price tags I was hesitant to try them. One day while browsing the Sephora website, I found the Sunday School Set.


The set is $60 and contains deluxe samples of the CEO Cleansing Oil, CEO moisturizer, Luna Sleeping Oil and Good Genes Lactic Acid treatment. These happened to be some of the products that I wanted to try and I didn’t think $60 was too bad of a price so I went for it. I have been using these products for about 2 months now so I wanted to give you some opinions on each of them and whether or not I will be buying the full size versions.


CEO C+E Micro Dissolve Cleansing Oil (Full size $38)

To be honest, this product was probably the one I was the least excited about trying. A lot of the reviews were mixed and I’ve used a few cleansing oils in the past and hadn’t been blown away. I’ve been using this product on and off for about 2 months now and I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised. This is definitely one of the better cleansing oils that I have tried. My skin feels very soft and hydrated after I use it. My one complaint would be that I don’t love it for removing eye makeup because it does burn a little bit if you get it in your eyes. I typically would remove my eye makeup with a wipe first before cleansing but I would prefer something that would do it all in one shot. Since the price isn’t too bad I will probably end up buying the full size (it is on my wishlist if you read my last blog post) and using it on light or no makeup days. I can also see myself definitely appreciating this product in the winter when my skin gets super dry. Overall, I think this is a good product. I don’t know that cleansing oils are for everyone, but if you are in the market for one this is a pretty good option.

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Luna Sleeping Oil(Full size $55/$105)

Oh man, this stuff is amazing! If you watched our July Favorites video then you saw me talk about how much I love this stuff. First of all, it does have a very distinct smell. Earthy is the best word I can think of to describe it. I find that I actually really like it and it dissipates as soon as you rub it into your skin. But if you are sensitive to smells, it is something to keep in mind if you are thinking of trying this out. Also, the oil has a blue color that changes to white once you start rubbing it in. This has not caused any problems for me, but some of the reviews claim that it leaves a blue stain on your pillowcases. Regardless, I love the way my skin looks after using this. It feels so smooth and hydrated! I am so obsessed that I didn’t even finish the sample before purchasing the biggest bottle they sell!

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Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment (Full size $105/$158)

This is the product that I was most excited to try in the set. I had heard so many amazing things about this product but it is so expensive and I wasn’t quite sure how my sometimes sensitive skin would react. First, I have to say that this is the smallest of the four samples. It comes in a small tube that I was squeezing like crazy to get every last drop out of. I do have to say that this has lived up to the hype. My skin looks so glowy and radiant after I put it on. I have only been using this at night following the Luna oil and my skin feels so smooth in the morning and my dry patches have disappeared. I don’t know if the improvement in my skin is because of the Luna Oil, Good Genes or the combination but I am definitely going to stick with it. This product has been on my wish list since I received the sample and I finally caved in and used some gift cards to get the larger size. If this is a product you are considering, I would definitely say it is worth checking out. You can always go to your local Sephora and ask them to make you a sample if you want to try it out!

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CEO Protect and Repair Moisturizer (Full Size $65)

My mom actually uses this moisturizer and loves it so I was excited to try it. It is very thick and is extremely hydrating. I actually felt like it was a little greasy on my skin, like it was not fully absorbed. This wasn’t too much of an issue at night but I wasn’t crazy about the way it felt underneath my makeup. I started using the Sunday Riley Tidal Water Cream instead and I like the way it feels better. It has more of a gel like texture but since it has hyaluronic acid it is very hydrating. I think I am going to save the rest of my CEO sample and try it out in the winter when my skin is even drier. The other nice thing about the Sunday Riley moisturizers is that they sell a sample size for only $22 at Sephora. They are great because you can try out the product and use it for travel. I have the full size of the Tidal and I have refilled the smaller jar when I travel and it works great.

Overall I am very glad that I purchased the Sunday School set. I have already purchased two of the products in the full size and will most likely be buying another one in the near future. I highly recommend this set. It is such a great way to really try out the products. The sample sizes are definitely large enough to get a very good idea of whether or not they work for your skin. Also, I have been refilling the small bottle of Luna from my full size for travel and you could do the same for the cleansing oil and the moisturizer if you send up purchasing the full size.

Thank you so much for reading this post and I hope you are inspired to try some new skin care!


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