Flaky Scalp? Lyn’s Tips and Tricks

I have dandruff. Gross, right? I’ve been dealing with a flaky scalp for as long as I can remember. I used to be really embarrassed but as I have gotten older I realized that it is nothing to be ashamed of. Just like some people have to deal with acne or have to get braces this was something that I was going to have to figure out how to manage. I read a statistic that dandruff affects almost half of the population. I’m not sure if this is accurate but if it is than there are plenty of other people trying to manage the condition just like me. Here are some of the products and strategies that have worked for me.

I used to think that I needed to wash my hair everyday to keep the flakes at bay. After I had children, I simply did not have time to wash my hair that frequently and often went for days without washing. Much to my surprise, my hair actually became less greasy and the flakes less noticeable. After about three or four days my scalp will start to become itchy and flaky and that is my indication that it is time to wash my hair again.


The products that I use to wash my hair also play a big part in keeping my scalp healthy and flake free. When I was younger I used to swear by the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo.

This definitely is great for controlling the flakes and always leaves my scalp feeling tingly and clean. It also has that very distinct eucalyptus smell that I personally love. Paul Mitchell has also expanded the Tea Tree line to include styling products and other scented shampoos and conditioners.


When it comes to dandruff shampoo, you really can’t beat Head & Shoulders. I buy the giant bottle at Costco and keep it in my shower. I love that it has a pump and it so affordable. It is definitely in my regular rotation. They have a ton of different options but I prefer the dry scalp care with almond oil.


A new product that I have discovered recently is the Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-exfoliating shampoo.

KathleenLights talked about purchasing this in a haul video and I knew I needed to try it. Charcoal has been a very popular ingredient in skin care products because of it’s abilities to draw out impurities. It definitely has a higher price tag ($42) than most of the other shampoos that I use but after reading the description on the Sephora site, I immediately made the purchase. During an independant study, 100% of the people that participated said they saw a decrease in flakiness and 86% said they had a decrease in itchiness. Since these are my two biggest problems, it was a no brainer for me. Since this is a pricier product and I want to make it last as long as possible, I only use this once every few washings or when I have an event and I want to make my hair last as long as possible without washing it. After using this product, I went an entire week in Disney World without washing my hair. It was pretty gross and definitely in a top-knot by the end of the trip but it was a lot easier for me. I only use this product on my scalp and then I use a hair mask on the rest of my hair. I received a sample of the Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair mask and I really liked it. They also make more products in the Charcoal line, including a dry shampoo and a scalp treatment that I would love to check out. If either of these products can reduce flakiness without washing, it could be life changing!


Another thing that I have noticed over the years is that certain shampoos, for whatever reason, can make my flaky situation worse. I usually notice after a couple of washes and then those bottles go into my guest room bathroom. It doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with them, they just don’t work well with my body chemistry.

Recently, I have been really loving the EvaNYC shampoo and conditioner. I picked them up at Costco but they are also available online at Ulta and Target. I’ve been using this shampoo for quite a few months now and it seems to be helping to keep my scalp flake free. Bonus is that is smells amazing and is super affordable. I have also been really loving the EvaNYC dry shampoo for in between washings.

It does a great job absorbing any extra oil and the best part is that it does not leave any white residue in my very dark hair which is a huge problem for me with most dry shampoos. I’m also thinking of trying out their hair mask very soon since I have been loving everything else that I have tried from this brand.

I also notice that rotating between a few different shampoos seems to help keep my scalp in better shape. If I use the same shampoo every time I wash my hair, it’s almost like my hair gets used to it and it doesn’t get my scalp as clean. Lately I’ve been alternating between the Head & Shoulders and the EvaNYC, both of which are very affordable. Then I mix in the Briogeo Shampoo when I know that I want my hair to last awhile before washing again. Maybe I’m crazy, but it seems to be working for me so I’m sticking with it!

Thank you so much for reading our blog! I know how difficult it can be to have to deal with a flaky scalp, so I hope that my suggestions have provided help for anyone who needs it!


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