Love Your Bra Again

Ahhh, bra shopping. Almost as bad as bathing suit shopping. At least I can take some comfort in the fact that no one except my husband will actually see me in just my bra. Even so, it can be a very overwhelming experience, between figuring out the perfect size and which style is best suited for you.

Since having two children, my preferences in bras has totally changed. I used to always go to Victoria’s Secret and buy the one with the most amount of padding! Unfortunately (or fortunately if you ask my husband), that is no longer a concern for me. Victoria’s Secret is still a convenient place to bra shop (they have a store in every mall everywhere) and they always send out great coupons but I had started feeling overwhelmed whenever I would shop there. I feel like when I was in high school/college they offered a few different styles but now there are a ton and it can be so difficult to figure out which one works best for you. I also used to love Aerie when I was in my early twenties but now two kids later, I don’t feel as though their styles work as well for me anymore. Another store I have tried is Soma Intimates. Their styles are definitely geared more towards an older customer and do offer more support than Aerie and most of the Victoria Secret styles. I tried a couple of different options, but I just wasn’t amazed by the fit.

One day, I was checking out my American Express offers and I saw one for a company called Third Love.  I had seen advertisements for this company before and decided to check out their website. First of all, let me preface by saying that these bras are EXPENSIVE. I mean, not La Perla expensive but a bit pricier than Victoria’s Secret, which I personally thought were a little over priced to begin with. I also have yet to see any coupon or discount codes which Victoria’s Secret is pretty good about. Anyways, I was a bit desperate so I decided to continue to check out their website.


The first thing I noticed that I thought was pretty cool is that they offer a Fit Finder quiz. I figured it would just be a couple of questions, but to my surprise it was pretty in depth. They asked a bunch of questions about what bra you are currently wearing and how it fits. They also ask questions about your breast size/shape and make recommendations based on your answers. When I saw my results, I was amazed to see that they offer half cup sizes! One of my biggest frustrations was that I could never find the perfect fit because I seem to be in between a B and a C cup. I was really excited to try the B1/2 size. My results also recommended their 24/7 Classic T Shirt bra, which seems to be their most basic option. I was also really impressed with their color selection. They have three different shades of nude, black, white and a bunch of other fun colors. I opted for the shade Naked 1 which is the lightest nude and has a pinkish tone.

When my bra arrived, I was excited to try it. It has accordion straps which I find to be very comfortable. They also stay up better on my shoulders than a lot of other bras. The fit on it is also amazing! The half cup size is a total game changer. I don’t have any gaps like I used to with a C cup but I also don’t feel like I am spilling out of it either. I ordered a 36 band because my old size 34’s seemed to feel a little tight. I do notice that I have to put it on the tightest hook though so in the future I would probably opt for a 34. There isn’t any padding in this bra but the cup fits so perfectly that I feel like it gives the perfect naturally rounded shape.

I think the best thing about this bra (aside from the perfect fit of course) is how comfortable it is. Sometimes I forget that I am not wearing my usual lounge bra from Victoria’s Secret! Like I mentioned before, the straps feel nice on my shoulders and the underwire doesn’t dig in at all. I am so excited to try more styles from them. My next purchase will definitely be the Front Closure Racerback Lace

How pretty is that style?? And I am obsessed with the mauve-y color.


I also love that they seem to cover all of the basics but without an overwhelming amount of styles. In addition to the 24/7 T-Shirt bra and Racerback, they also offer full coverage, strapless and push up options. I have also heard wonderful things about their Nursing Bra. I personally have not tried it, but the reviews are excellent.

I am also really impressed with everything that I have read about the company. It was started by a woman, Heidi Zak, who was frustrated with the bra shopping experience and wanted to make it better. She also started a bra donation program that has donated over $1 million worth of bras to women in need. I also love that they stand by their products, offering customers an option to try the bra before buying as well as free returns. Although, I promise that you will love the bra so much that you will not need to return it! I have been so happy with my purchase and I cannot wait to try out more options from this brand. If you are interested in trying them out as well, we have a link that will save you $15! If you make a purchase, we will also receive $15 off of our next bra purchase.

Thank you so much for reading this post! If you have been frustrated with bra shopping, I definitely recommend checking out ThirdLove!


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