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Hello and welcome another fabulous Thursday! If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last few weeks then you will know that Rihanna has officially launched her makeup line! It was announced on August 1st on the official @fentybeauty Instagram that they would be launching on September 8th! We waited an entire month (in suspense) before we got our first look at what to expect in a teaser trailer! The video featured women of all skin types and tones and it was amazing to see such diversity from a brand! After the release of the vide we started getting all sorts of teasers on Instagram of packaging and product close ups, which made us all the more excited for this launch!

We knew from the beginning that Fenty Beauty was going to be unique! Rihanna made it clear that she wanted to create a brand for everyone. According to the Fenty Beauty website she wanted to create a line “so that women everywhere would be included, focusing on a wide range of traditionally hard-to-match skin tones, creating formulas that work for all skin types, and pinpointing universal shades.”

Obviously this was not an easy task but I think she did a wonderful job color wise! I mean come on there are 40 (you heard me right) shades of foundation! And who knows we may even see more in the future as the brand continues to grow!

Now lets get into the products! I only bought two things start but I will definitely be buying more (we will get into that in a second).


one. primer  / two. match stick trio /



This is the Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer, and it retails for $32. It is supposed to diffuse pores and smooth the skin for a retouch effect that makes for a better foundation application and longer wear. It basically supposed to make your skin look like an Instagram filter. I have been using it for about a week now and its probably the best smoothing primer I have ever tired (and believe me I’ve tired a lot). Like I’ve mentioned I have some texture on my nose and cheeks that absolutely drives me crazy! I have tried other primers that claim to do the same things and usually they just end up making my skin look dry and cause my makeup to ball up and look cakey. But this primer doesn’t do either of these things! I think it has a lot to do with its creamy texture. A lot of smoothing primers can feel like straight silicone (aka the Smashbox photo finish primer) while there is nothing wrong with that feel it tends to not play well with others. But this primer has this very creamy almost moisturizer like texture which helps it to smooth out the skin but not completely dry it out. I would definitely recommend this primer to any one looking for something to even out their skin before makeup application! So far it seems to work really well in my dry areas as well as the areas of my skin that get oily.

IMG_1437 IMG_1436

Also lets just take a recoded to appreciate this beautiful packaging, I mean come on a soft matte pink with frosted glass? What could be better?? Seriously I think Rihanna did an amazing job with the packaging. I’m a graphic designer so I’m always drawn to packaging first and sometimes its what makes me want to buy a product. Font Beauty really hit it out of the park with everything from the boxes to the actual packaging of the product.


Next up we have the Match Stick Trios Conceal, Contour, Highlight that retails for $54. When I was first in the Sephora store looking at all the Fenty Beauty products I couldn’t for the life of me decide what to buy! I ended up with this trio because not only was it a great deal (the individual sticks are $25 a piece) it was the best way to try out a variety of the products! After watching them I decided to purchase the Medium shade kit which includes; the concealer stick in Bamboo (neutral) , the contour stick in Mocha (cool) and the highlight stick in Trippin (gold glazed apricot). Also one the Fenty Beauty website you can actually build a custom a Match Stick Trio for your skin tone!



~conceal stick: I wasn’t sure I was going to like this at first because it seemed kind of dry when I swathed it in the store. But after using it a have fallen in love! I have used it two ways, one as a concealer for under my eyes and the rest of my face and second as a foundation stick. The product itself is very light weight and extremely buildable with itself and other products. It can be a tad drying but as long as you are moisturizing properly and using a good primer you should be fine. Just go easy with the powder!

~contour stick: The tone of this contour shade is absolutely beautiful! When I first opened it I thought it was going to be to warm but it is the perfect in-between shade. Its great for creating definition around your face but it also warms up the skin beautifully. Since I bought this it has been the only contour/bronzer I have used. It also super bendable and easy to use. I’m not the best at cream contour, or really cream anything, but this product has really made me love cream contouring!

~highlight stick: I’m not one who reaches for cream or liquid highlights often, I’m definitely more of a powder girl. But after using this product I think I may go buy it in every shade available! They are super easy to blend and can give a nice natural glow or you can really build it up to be more of an intense highlight.





one. foundation / two. highlight duo / three. shimmer stick  / four. foundation brush /

Let me know what Fenty Beauty products you have tried and what you thought! Or what products are on your wishlist??

xoxo Mel



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