Packing For Disney

Hi everyone, its Lyn here! So my family is a little bit crazy about Disney. We are Annual Pass Holders and we try to go to Disney World at least twice a year. Whenever I go, I like to go all out with my Disney apparel. It’s just about the only place where you can totally act/dress like a kid and no one gives you a second look because SO many people are decked out in Disney attire. This trip we are going for 10 days which is one of the longest trips we have taken. This means that I got to go out and buy more Disney stuff to pack! The first place I usually check out is of course, The Disney Store. They have tons of cute stuff for the kiddies and they have added some pretty cool adult apparel too.


one. cars tee  / two. ariel top / three. brave tank / four. tink tank / five. marie dad hat / six. minnie backpack  / seven. little mermaid bag / 

1. My boys are obsessed with the movie Cars, especially since Cars 3 just came out this summer. I bought this shirt for myself so that I can coordinate with them.

One of my other favorite stores to shop for Adult Disney apparel is Hot Topic. I know it sounds totally random but they have a ton of really cute adult Disney styles ranging all the way from subtle to basically the adult equivalent of a princess dress.

2. I recently bought this cute top that I am so excited to wear because it has The Little Mermaid in the print but it is definitely more hidden than in most of the other things I have. I also just really love the style of this top and I think it will be really cute with leggings for one of our fancier dinners.

3. I also really love this tank that has Merida from the movie Brave. I personally think that Brave is an underrated Disney movie and Princess Merida is one of my favorites so I was really excited when I saw this top. I actually wore this on our Disney trip in May and it was so comfortable and very flattering. This is another more subtle Disney print.

4. Tinkerbell is another of my favorite characters and I love this super feminine lace top. I bought this for our last trip but I didn’t get a chance to wear it so I am hoping I will get to wear it this time!

Another place for cute Disney gear is a site called Box Lunch. I recently came across this site and I was so excited to see how much cute Disney stuff they have for both adults and kids.

5. I bought this really cute hat with Marie from The Aristocats. This will be perfect for the couple of afternoons that we plan on spending at the pool.

6. I also bought a super cute Minnie Mouse backpack. The exact one I purchased is no longer on their site, but this one is super similar just a bit more expensive. I normally use a cross body bag when we are at the park but this trip I decided to try a backpack to see if it is easier and more comfortable to use.

If you are in the market for a cute Disney backpack, I would definitely check out LoungeFly. Some of their stuff is sold on Box Lunch and Hot Topic but their site has even more options. I am in love with this Little Mermaid bag.

Of course I will also be packing my sequin Minnie ears and you all know that I am definitely going to be purchasing a pair of the rose gold ears that I keep seeing all over the internet!

Other than my Disney gear, I mainly just pack every pair of black leggings/workout pants that I own since that is pretty much what I wear to the park. I am not a huge fan of wearing shorts so my leggings are the most practical and comfortable. I also pretty much only wear my Nike Free sneakers. I have had some minor back problems in the past and I noticed that when I wear sandals or flip flops my back is killing me by the end of the day. My sneakers give me so much more support so I can walk 10 miles a day. (Seriously, that’s how much you walk when you do a full day at the park! I use the Health App on my iphone to count steps and distance.) I will of course pack some flip flops for the pool and at least one pair of cute sandals in case we get a chance to change clothes before dinner.

Thank you so much for following our blog. If you get as excited about Disney as I do, definitely check out some of these sites for cute apparel!


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