Bare Republic Review

Hello and welcome back to another amazing Thursday! Today we are going to be talking about some of Bare Republic’s products! Now if you haven’t heard of this brand they are owned by COOLA and make mostly sunscreen and UV protecting products.   All of their products are cruelty free and eco friendly. I recently tested out three of their products and knew I had to share them with you guys!

The three products that I have been trying out are the UV Protecting Thermal Hair Serum, the UV Protecting Conditioner and the UV Protecting Shampoo. Since I color treat my hair (a lot) I am always very conscience of two things; one being heat and sun exposure and two being what types of products (mostly chemicals) am I putting in my hair. All three of these products are formulated without parabens and sulfates and the best part they are color safe. I feel amazing using these products knowing that their are no harsh chemicals that will further damage my hair (or to be honest ruin my color). Did you know that UV rays not only can damage you skin they can also damage your hair? I wasn’t aware of this until recently! Now I am always trying to find products that will help protect my hair. All three of these products are also thermal protectants; meaning they protect your hair from heat styling and UV exposure!


~The first product that I use is the UV Protecting Shampoo. This shampoo smells absolutely amazing (like mangos). The smell alone would make me want to use it, but it also has amazing benefits. It deeply hydrates (and repairs) while protecting from saltwater exposure, chlorine, and both thermal and UV damage. The protection benefits and its lack of sulfates make this the perfect shampoo for color treated hair. When I use this my hair feels immediately softer (and not dry and straw like, like some other shampoos make it).

~Next up is the UV Protecting Conditioner that goes with the shampoo. This conditioner actually creates a protective shield around each strand to nourish and protect it from the elements. It also smells amazing just like the shampoo! My hair has never felt or looked better after using this combo. It also works great with other shampoos. I like to use it when I use purple shampoo in my hair (which sometimes can make it feel dry) to really nourish and add some life back into it!


~To finish it off I use the UV Protecting Thermal Hair Serum. This serum doubles as a detangler and a leave in conditioner (both things I need desperately). When I first get out of the shower I immediately apply this and my hair is a lot easier to manage and comb through (which means less braking thank god). It also keeps my hair soft and smooth through out the day which I love. I’ve noticed since I started using this I actually feel the need to heat style my hair less. I can let it air dry with out being worried whether or not in an hour it is going to look like a frizzy mess.

All of three of these products from Bare Republic have been amazing and I can’t wait to continue to use them (and try new products). Next on my list is the Milk and Honey After Sun Serum and their UV Protecting Dry Shampoo!

Have you ever tried any products from this brand? Let me know in the comments!

xoxo Mel


*These products were sent to us for testing purposes but all opinions are my own.




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