Bootay Bag Round 2

Hello and welcome to this Saturdays blog post! I hope you are having a pretty amazing weekend. This month we got to collaborate with one of our favorite brands Bootay Bag! We have worked with this company a few times now and each time we are more and more impressed! So we wanted to take this time to un-box this months Bootay Bag!


If you don’t know, Bootay Bag is a monthly women’s underwear subscription. Each month is only $12 and you get two pairs of super cute undies. My favorite part of this subscription is how well they cater to everyones preferences. When selecting your subscription you also get to pick between three styles, all thongs, all full coverage or a mix of both. Personally I love the combo option, I like the extra surprise of not knowing which styles you will be getting. You can also select to add a bralette to your bag for an extra charge!

Now lets get into the super cute pairs that were sent to us this month!

In this months bag we received both a full coverage pair and a thong. The first pair that we received was this beautiful maroon full coverage pair. It has beautiful lacy detail on the back and is made form the softest silky material I have ever felt! I think this may be my favorite pair of undies that we have received from Bootay Bag! They are so pretty and the material is super comfy!


We also received this pretty blush pink lacy thong in this months bag! usually I’m not a huge fan of lacy thongs because the material can be a tad uncomfortable. But with this pair the fabric is so soft and they are surprisingly comfortable.


We are so happy with the undies we received in this months Bootay Bag! They are stylish and cute while still being comfortable and wearable! Another amazing thing to mention about this brand is the work they do for Melanoma Foundation. For every post of you Bootay Bag with the #undermatters helps them to donate $1 to the Melanoma Foundation!

Let us know if you subscribe to Bootay Bag and don’t forget to post some cute pics with the #undermatters!

xoxo Mel & Lyns

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