Lyn’s Disney Recap

Sooo, we took another family trip to Disney World back in September. We went for 10 days which gave us a ton of time to do everything we wanted but I was definitely ready to go home at the end! I won’t bore you with all of the details since we were just there in May and we did a lot of the same things. We did try a new hotel and some new restaurants though so I wanted to share some of our thoughts about those things!


First off, we stayed at a different hotel than we normally do and it was technically not on property which is a big change for us. My husband has a friend that works for the Four Seasons so he was able to get us the friends and family rate for their property in Orlando. The hotel itself is amazing (of course) and there are a few really yummy restaurants that we enjoyed during our stay. The only downside is the transportation to the parks. They do offer a coach bus service that is very comfortable and easy however it does not run as frequently as the bus transportation at the Disney hotels. This required us to remain on a fairly strict schedule otherwise you run the risk of getting stuck at the park for an extra hour, which can feel like an eternity with a cranky 2 year old. One of my favorite features of the hotel was the character breakfast at Ravello in the hotel. The buffet was delicious, it was not overly crowded and it included digital downloads of the pictures taken by the professional photographer.


We also tried a few new restaurants in the parks on this trip. One of our new favorites is the princess breakfast at the Akershus House in the Norway Pavilion at Epcot. The food was mostly American style breakfast and it was served family style. They also had a buffet of pastries which included some Norwegian options which was fun to try. When we arrived, we had our picture taken with Belle. Then while we were eating, we were visited by Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel and Princess Ariel. I was super excited of course and even my boys enjoyed meeting the princesses.


Another new character dining experience that we checked out was The Garden Grill at Epcot. We got to meet Chip, Dale, Mickey and Pluto. Since my husband was a huge Chip and Dale fan when he was a kid, we definitely wanted to check this one out. First of all, this is a rotating restaurant. We were moving pretty slowly so at first I didn’t notice it, but once I did it was impossible to un-notice it! I also really enjoyed the food. It was also served family style and included a salad, turkey with gravy, mashed potatoes and vegetables. I think there was also sausage but I don’t really eat that so I can’t comment on it! I thought the turkey was delicious. I love getting the turkey dinner at The Liberty Tree at Magic Kingdom but I actually thought this was a little better because it was sliced thinner which is my preference.

We also had an opportunity to visit the new Pandora land in Animal Kingdom which is modeled after the movie Avatar. There are two new rides in this area: The Flight of Passage and the Na’vi River Journey. Both rides had super long waits but luckily I was able to get a Fast Pass for the Na’vi River Journey, which was good because we could all go on it with the kids. I have only seen the Avatar movie once and it was a number of years ago so I don’t think I had a full appreciation for the ride. But everything that Disney creates always has a tremendous amount of detail and this was no exception. I’m hoping on our next trip we will be able to get a fast pass for the Flight of Passage since I probably will not wait 2 plus hours in line!


Okay, so I have saved the best for last. Before we went on the trip, I had read about the new rose gold ears that Disney was selling and I knew it was going to be my mission to snag a pair while we were there. On our first day, we asked a cast member about them and we were told that they were completely sold out and were not expecting to receive any more until October. I did not let this information stop me from going into every single gift shop and checking to see if they had any. Towards the end of our trip, I saw a group of girls wearing them at Magic Kingdom so I stopped and asked them where they had bought them. They told me they had just bought them at the Emporium (the biggest shop in Magic Kingdom, right on Main Street) but that I had better hurry because they were selling out fast. Of course I ran into the shop and was so excited to find an entire display of them! I bought a pair for myself and for everyone that I could think of that would want one! When we walked back through the store a couple of hours later, they were completely gone! Over the next couple of days we also saw them at Disney Springs and Hollywood Studios so it seems that all the parks get restocked around the same time. For people who are not going to the park anytime soon, I did meet a girl who had bought a pair on Etsy and they were also super cute so that is also an option. I also have an extra pair so if you guys think that would be a good giveaway, leave us a comment below!

Thank you so much for sharing in our latest Disney experience. We are going again in March, so leave us a comment with your favorite things to do at Disney World so we can check them out!


One thought on “Lyn’s Disney Recap

  1. Looks like so much fun, I went to Disney Land many years ago quite often when I was a child & I absolutely loved it, we would go to California every other year to visit family so we would take our family trip to Disney each year up until I was about 15, haven’t been there some. I would so love to go & share that experience with my husband & children & they’ve never gone my daughter is a huge Disney-maniac lol, but how awesome, thanks for sharing this! Those Rose Gold Ears are soo stinkin cute! & Yes for sure I think that would be a really neat idea for a giveaway! You got so lucky being able to find them and snag some up! 😊


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