Lyn’s Express Haul

Hi everyone, its Lyn here! Since we finally have Fall weather, I recently bought a bunch of new stuff and I wanted to share it with you along with my first impressions.

I recently placed a couple of orders from Express. I can be a little hot and cold with this store but I find that I really love their stuff in the Fall and Winter. They also run a ton of promotions which I also love. When I bought this stuff they were running 40% off everything which was awesome!

1. This first thing I picked up was this dark green tie sleeve “coatigan.” This is definitely true to the name. It is quite a bit thicker than a typical cardigan. I am excited for it because I absolutely hate wearing coats so this will be perfect to wear out to date night if we are not going to be outside very much. I also really love the color; it is so perfect for the Holidays. In fact, we are doing a family photo with Santa this year and I am planning on wearing this with a white cami underneath. I ordered a small, which is what I usually wear from Express and I would say that it fits true to size. I also really love the tie sleeves which is very on trend this season.

2. Speaking of camis, I actually bought this one to wear with the green sweater from above. This is a really nice basic cami. I like that it is not too fitted in the body so it is very flattering. It makes a really great layering piece underneath an open cardigan. It also comes in black and a light pink which I may consider ordering if they do another good sale. I ordered a medium in this and I am glad that I did. It does seem to run on the smaller side so I would size up if you are considering buying this cami!

3. I saw this sweater on a ton of bloggers and I thought it looked really comfy so I went ahead and ordered it. I really wanted the oatmeal color because it is such a great neutral color and it perfect for Fall. When I ordered it, they were low on sizes so I ended up getting a petite small. I’m not sure how much that affects the overall fit since I am pretty short. This sweater definitely delivers on the “oversized” description. It is a little on the boxy side which is not always the most flattering on my short and slightly stocky frame. Another strange thing is that it is much shorter in the front than the back. I mean, I get the whole hi-lo hem thing but this is almost borderline cropped in the front and then completely covered my butt in the back. Again, I’m not sure if the weird length is because it is petite but even the proportion of the front to the back seemed off to me. Overall, not my absolute favorite sweater but I like the material and the color so I will probably try it on again, maybe with jeans instead of leggings, and see if I like that better.

4. I was looking for a cute pair of black booties with a small-ish heel and I decided to give these a go when they were 40% off. Oh man! I am so glad that I did. I am so in love with these booties. They are so simple and classic. The toe is the perfect almond shape that is not too pointy and the heel is the absolute perfect height. I personally feel so much more dressed up when I wear heels but after like five minutes my feet are killing me. These do not hurt my feet at all! I wore them to a concert where I stood for two hours and they felt amazing! I have worn these so much already because they literally go with everything. They also come in a cognac color which I am thinking about buying. I really cannot recommend these enough. If you are in the market for an affordable pair of black booties, you definitely should consider these.

5. I love layering camis and open cardigans in the Fall. As soon as I saw this one in the Brandied Peach color I knew I needed to own it because it totally gives me rose gold vibes. It is actually a really high quality cami since it is lined with the double layer. I also love the satin material because it feels so luxurious. And the color is just as beautiful in person. My only complaint is that I wish I had sized up to a medium like I did with the white cami that I mentioned before. The small fits fine and I have actually already worn it out but I wish that I had a little bit more room. If you are looking at purchasing this, I would definitely size up.

6. I love the bell sleeve trend and I love open cardigans so I ordered this oneOriginally I was looking at the rose gold-ish color but I ended up going with the black because I thought it would go really well with the cami above. In fact, I was correct and I actually wore this combo out to dinner with some friends of ours last weekend. I paired it with a pair of dark distressed denim and my Valentino Rockstud flats and it was the perfect date night ensemble. I love that this cardigan can definitely be worn casual or dressy depending on what you pair it with. I liked it so much in fact that I may just order the other color too!

I really like most of the stuff that I purchased and I know that these will become staples in my wardrobe over the next several months. There will also be quite a few things from Express on my Christmas list which I will be sharing with you guys soon!

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