Monthly Makeup Bag: Part I


My recent declutter videos featured on our Youtube Channel have really opened my eyes to the amount of makeup in my collection that I don’t utilize. To keep me excited about items that I already have in my collection I decided to create a monthly makeup bag. The beauty industry is such a concentrated market that companies are constantly churning out products that are the “next best thing”. For some reason I always think these are products that I just have to have! I’ve noticed recently in many aspects of my life I have become super dependent on material things. Our culture is driven by consumption and we constantly see items as necessary that are really just luxuries. I wanted to create this series to hold myself accountable for my purchases and hopefully cut back on my need to buy these new and exciting things.

Overcoming the urge to buy some new product is going to be extremely difficult, but I am hoping “shopping my stash” will give me that same burst of excitement that buying a new products does. I will be choosing four or five products to use in my daily makeup routine. Every month I’ll be posting my bag here on the blog and telling you guys why I picked this products and my goals for the month. In the next months post I’ll update you guys on what I loved about my choices, what I de-stashed, and what I discovered about my tastes for future purchases.

Here are my thoughts on how I am going to make this a successful experiment:

  • Choose a good range of products. Try to only pick one product form each category so that you don’t get overwhelmed.
  • If you aren’t loving the way a product is working for you don’t be afraid to declutter it or pass it along to a friend. You don’t want to force something that isn’t working out.
  • Feel free to divert from the bag for special occasions. Its okay to use something else if you have a certain look in mind or want to try something new.
  • Make sure each month you are choosing different products, no repeats at least for the first three months. The whole point of this exercise is to try some new products that you already own!

Onto the products for this month:

makeupbag2 Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer $32 this primer is supposed to hydrate, smooth, and brighten the skin. But for me all it really does is hydrate. Its a great primer if you have dry skin and want a radiant complexion, which is why I bought it. I am looking forward to using this product again since my skin has started to get a few dry patches with the weather cooling off. My makeup usually sits on top of it really well and I love the finish it gives. My goal for this product is to finish it off completely and open up a spot in my collection for a new product.

Nars Liquid Laguna Bronzer $40 is a product I bought on a whim because I love the powder version so much. The laguna shade is the best for my skin tone that I have found as of yet.  Since my skin has been getting super dry recently I think its a good time to pull out this liquid version and finally give it a good try. My goal for this product is to put a decent dent in it and hopefully love it just as much as the powdered version!

Too Faced Born This Way Naturally Radiant Concealer $28 is another product that I bought on a whim and haven’t really used. I had wanted to try it out for awhile and when it was half off at Ulta for some reason I had to have it. It’s super light weight on the skin and gives a really nice natural finish. My goal for this product is to use it up, I have so many concealers and would love to finally finish one.
Studio Makeup Loose Blush $35 is a product I got in a Boxycharm a few months ago and haven’t really used to much. I’m not a huge blush fan and I rarely use it but I’m hoping by including this product I’ll start to appreciate it more. The color is a really beautiful mauve shade but it still looks natural on the cheeks. My goal for this product is to put a good dent in it and hopefully it will get me to like using blush in my daily routine.

Fresh Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream $41 is a great under eye cream if you just need hydration. I have had this is my collection for a little while now and I think its time to finally use this product up and try something new. I love the amount of hydration it gives but really that is all it does. I want to try a new product that will hopefully do more for my under eyes. My goals for this product is definitely to finish it off!

IMG_3927 copy

Trish McEvoy Eyeshadow Sticks in Smokey Quartz and Rose Quartz $33 ea. are probably the most expensive eye shadow sticks I own, and in my opinion way over priced. The colors are beautiful and pretty pigmented. But the product itself creases like no other and is a little difficult to work with. Because the shades are so gorgeous I can’t bring my self to declutter these so my goal is not only use them up but also find a way to make them sit better on the lid.

So that’s this months products! I’m infinitely grateful I’ve decided on the monthly bag at this moment, especially since I am on a no buy until after Christmas. Let me know if you guys decide to try this out for yourselves. I would love to know which products you choose!

FTC: these links provide me a small commission if you chose to purchase through it.



3 thoughts on “Monthly Makeup Bag: Part I

  1. I think this really is a wonderful idea! It really is a great exercise to try out..and experiment with the products already owned, see if it still sparks the thrill of when you make a purchase of something new and excited to play with. There will always be something new and eye catching in the market..I have a bad problem with impulse shopping..then get shopping remorse, or justify the purchase & it’s not okay. I have to learn to control myself in that this sounds awesome & I am excited to see how it works out for you in a new series!! Really enjoyed your thoughts on how to shop your stash. (:


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