Honest Review Of Boxycharm’s LE Box


Subscription boxes are one of my favorite things about the beauty community. They are a great way to get to try new products with out paying an arm and a leg for them. Recently I have been a huge fan of Boxycharm, I mean who wouldn’t be, for $21 a month you get 5-6 full sized beauty products. So when they announced a limited edition box of course I was going to purchase one. As it turned out this was not going to be an easy task, there was so much demand for this box that it took over an hour for my order to finally go through. And I was one of the lucky ones a lot of subscribers were disappointed by the way Boxycharm handled the release of the box. But we aren’t here to talk about the drama, we are to discuss the products and decided was this box even worth it?


For $44.95 (more than double that of the normal box) we were to receive eight full size products from brands such as Tarte, Cover FX and OFRA (just to name a few). To me this sounded like an amazing opportunity, I mean products from those three brands alone would already pay for the total of this box.

But after receiving my box I was super underwhelmed with the selection of products. Maybe I had just gotten my hopes up and set an impossible standard for this box. But lets get into the products and the reasons for my disappointment.


Tarte Limited Edition Be Your Own Tarteist Eye & Cheek Palette $38 was the first product in this box and I’ll be honest I wasn’t super excited when this was announced as one of the sneak peeks. Not because I don’t love Tarte but I was already concerned with the number of eye palettes in my collection and I’m not a huge fan of blush. But after actually receiving the box and seeing it in person it’s definitely grown on me. The eye shadow shades are pretty neutral which is the type of palette I usually prefer. They are pretty pigmented and blend nicely so this turned out to be one of my favorite products. As for the blush it too is a very neutral shade so I think I’ll get some use out of it. This eye and cheek palette will definitely come in handy when traveling so that was a huge plus for me.

IMG_4343 copy

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Halo $42 now this was a product that I was over the moon excited for when the sneak peaks were announced. But unfortunately it fell flat for me when it actually arrived. Halo is not a color that I feel is usable on an everyday basis….and when you show case a shade that is golden people expect to receive that shade or one similar. I may have an unpopular opinion but I hate this whole holographic phase in makeup, it just does not work with my skin tone at all. I was so disappointed to see this as a shade option. I think if you are going to put a product like this in a subscription box it should at least be a wearable color or give the buyer a color choice. Sorry not Sorry


Bareminerals Gen Nude Buttercream Lipgloss in Popular $18 another product that fell flat for me. Mostly because I’m not a huge fan of lipglosses and Bareminerals has so many other amazing products that I would have loved to see featured in this box. But because I know everyone raves about this glosses I was ready to give it a shot. But the shade I received “Popular” is so peachy it is almost orange…..definitely not my shade of choice. So again I was slightly disappointed with this product as well.

PÜR The Complexion Authority Big Look Mascara $21 another product that I wasn’t thrilled about in this box (I promise I’m not this negative all the time). I have tried this mascara before and it wasn’t really anything special in my opinion. PÜR is one of those brands that I always here about but haven’t really tried many products from so I was hoping that there was going to be something featured I had never used before. But of course they randomly picked the only product in their whole line that I have used and disliked (just my luck).


Becca First Light Priming Filter $18 now this is a product that I was super psyched to see in the box. This is an amazing primer that helps even skin tone and creates a wonderful base for makeup. I do already own this product so I will be passing it along to a friend as part of a holiday gift but because it is so amazing I was happy to see it included for people to try!



Sigma Beauty E35  Copper Tappered Blending Brush $17 finally onto a product that I was actually excited to get in this box. I used to love Sigma brushes (they were my first high end brushes I ever purchased) but recently I have been exploring other brands. I forgot how amazing their brushes actually are. The bristles are super soft and the handle is weighted perfectly. I don’t know about you but sometimes brush handles are to light or to heavy and I find it very difficult tp successfully apply my makeup. I was also ecstatic that I got the blending brush (there was a second option), this style brush is my most used so I was happy to add it to my collection.

Makeup Geek Full Spectrum Eye Liner Espresso $9 when I first saw this product was going to be featured in this box my thought was ‘great another black eyeliner’ (insert eye roll here). But I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled this product out of the box and realized it was actually a very beautiful chocolaty brown. I have been using a ton of brown eyeliner recently since I have been going for a more natural look. The color is a really beautiful deep brown, I’m excited to test it out in an upcoming makeup look!


OFRA Advanced Vitamin C Cream $50 this was a product that I was super surprised about. When I think of OFRA I think of liquid lipsticks or highlights so I was shocked to find out that they also make skincare. Vitamin C is one of my favorite things to use on my skin, in the past it was really helped brighten and even my skin tone. I am always interested in trying new products especially skincare so I was pretty intrigued by this. Also the price point was pretty amazing for this box!

So overall I cant make a decision about this box…..on one hand I did like five of the products (even though one of them I already own) but on the other hand I feel like paying $40+ for a box I should have liked all of the products. I hope if Boxycharm does this again in the future they either allow us to pick our color preferences or have products where shade doesn’t totally matter.

Did you receive this box? Let me know what your thoughts were in the comments.

FTC: these links provide me a small commission if you chose to purchase through it.


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