Monthly Makeup Bag 3 + Makeup Bag 2 Update 

Welcome to another installment of my monthly makeup bag. I have been really enjoying shopping my stash for this series and it actually has lead me to one of my beauty resolutions. This year I am going to try and cut back on the amount of excess product I buy. one because my bank account deserves and break….and two because I find myself being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of products that I own and I feel like I don’t get good enough use out of them. Now I’m not going to cut buying beauty products completely out of my life, I do want to be able to share new things with you guys. But I am going to try and cut back and only purchase a multiple of something when I have used another product up. I’m hoping this will help me keep better track of the products that I own and actually get some good use out of them.

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I have also been decluttering a ton of old products that are way past their use by date as well so this will help free up some space in my collection and save me from the clutter. Any makeup that hasn’t been used or only used a few times will go up on our Poshmark so if you guys are interested check it out!

But kets move on to what you really came here for….this months products:

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Repeat Alert: First Aid Beauty Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer $28 this is the first ever repeat in my monthly makeup bag series. Like I said in my last monthly makeup post this is one of my all time favorite priming moisturizers. It creates so a beautiful smooth canvas for makeup application and has been a staple in my collection for a while now. Its coming up on a year that I have had this product which means its almost past its “use by date”. Im super close to using this product up so I wanted to keep it in my makeup bag until so (I get extreme satisfaction from using up a product…any one else??) I also have some other products in this same category that I want to get to try out after I finish this one up.

Boscia Clear Complexion Tonic $26 this is a great soothing toner. It helps to gently clarify and refresh the skin. I used to be obsessed with this product and purchased it over and over again. When I first started using it I saw a huge difference in the inflammation of my pores. But since I bought the Thayer’s Witch Hazel toner I haven’t been using any thing else. So I wanted to add this into my monthly makeup bag to rediscover my love for the product. I’m not sure if it will be as good as I remember (or replace my new fave) but its worth a shot. Also the bottle that I have is almost empty so I would like to finish it off.

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IT Cosmetics CC + Cream in Light $38 this is one of my favorite light weight bases. It has great buildable coverage, one pump is lightweight while two pumps is medium to full coverage. I have also bought the illuminating one in Medium as well and I think I prefer it way more then this one. I find myself reaching for the Illuminating one way more because the color and undertones are a little bit better for my skin. I have also had this tube for over a year now so I feel like it might be about time to finish it up. On the bright side this tube is almost empty so I am hoping to use it up during this monthly challenge!

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NARS Creamy Radiant Creamy Concealer in Creme Brulee $30 this is another product that is almost gone that I am trying to use up (like most of the others this month). This was one of my go to concealers but since NARS released the soft matte I haven’t looked back. But during the winter I do need something a little more hydrating so I pulled this product back out. I do really love this concealer but I’m not sold on the shade so after I use this up I’m definitely going back to my tried and true shade…custard.

NARS Blush in Madly $30 as you guys know I’m not a huge fan of blush at the moment. But I decided to try and start using it more….since for some reason I have acquired a lot of it. This blush is one of my favorites its a beautiful natural shade that just adds a nice light flush to the cheeks. NARS powders are some of my favorites so I figured this was a good way to start dipping my toes back into blush. My goal for this product is to obviously re-introduce blush into my daily routine and I hope to put a little dent in this product.

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Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid in Nude Radiance 01 $48 I decided to add another primer to the mix since my FAB priming moisturizer is almost gone. This is one of my favorite illuminating base products. Its super hydrating and gives a beautiful glow to the skin. Lyn recently decluttered her bottle of this primer and gave it to me so now I have two…. I’m happy to have more of this product but I definitely don’t need two. My bottle is almost empty so I’m hoping to finish it up this month and make some room in my collection for something new.

Makeup Bag 2 Update:


First Aid Beauty Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer $28 we already know what happened with this product so I won’t bore you with the details yet again.

NARS Daul Intensity Eyeshadow in Himalia $29 I’m glad that I rediscovered this product but other then that I didn’t really make much progress on it. I’m definitely going to keep it in my everyday makeup stash and hopefully start using it more.

First Aid Beauty 5 in 1 Bouncy Mask $38 this product was a complete fail this month for me. I only used it like 2 times the entire time. For some reason I just kept forgetting about it and never used it. This product is almost past its date and there isn’t a lot left so as a little side project I am going to try and use this up this month.

Marc Jacobs Tan-Tastic! Bronzer $49 again I am happy to have rediscovered this product and added it back into my daily routine. I really got so distracted and forgot how amazing this product is. I didn’t put any kind of dent in it but I am okay with that since you can’t get this product at the moment.

Glossier Stretch Concealer $18 I’m really questioning why I used to love this product. When I first bought it and used it I really liked it, it kept my under eyes hydrated and gave nice coverage. But this time around it creased horribly on my and wouldn’t stay put. It also made my mascara run so bad. I’m not sure if it the combination of products I was using or what. I’m not going to give up on this product but I am definitely putting it on the back burner for now.

Origins A Perfect World Eyes Cream $39 this was the worst product in my bag this month, I couldn’t even bring myself to sue it the entire month. Not only did it do nothing to brighten my under eyes it also didn’t keep them hydrated at all…. It just made my under eyes feel greasy and any makeup I applied over top would slip and run. I was very disappointed by this product.

It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil $24 I love & hate this product all at the same time. On the one hand the actual product is amazing, its super creamy and pigmented. Plus it looks super natural on the brows. But the thing I hate is the shape of the product, its so hard to use! Its thick and blunt which makes it so hard to get a good shape to your brows.

I hope you guys enjoyed this third installment and let me know what your beauty resolutions or goals are this year!

xox Mel

FTC: these links provide me a small commission if you chose to purchase through it.

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