How To Achieve Glowy Skin

One of my favorite makeup looks to achieve is super glowy and radiant skin. Now this isn’t always easy (especially when my skin is super dry). But I have finally found the products and steps that work for my skin to help me achieve my goal of super radiant skin. So I thought it would be fun to walk you guys through my steps (and favorite products) to help you guys achieve this look as well.


My first step to achieve radiant skin is to focus on finding the right skincare products for your skin type and goals. I personally like to use products (especially serums) that contain Vitamin C. Currently I’m using the Bare Minerals Brilliant Future Age Defense & Renew Serum. It has a super light weight formula so it absorbs into the skin pretty quickly and doesn’t interfere with makeup application. The product itself also has a light iridescence to it which adds a nice glow to the skin as well. This product also claims to help with uneven texture which is another way I like to keep my skin radiant, exfoliating. I like to use products that help to eliminate the dead skin cells to help keep the skin soft and luminous. I use physical and chemical exfoliants to achieve this. One product that I am currently using is the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Glow Moisturizer. It contains AHAs—glycolic and lactic acids—which helps to make your skin feel softer and smoother to help reveal a natural glow.



The next step for making your skin look like a glowing goddesses is to use a base or primer that has a luminous finish. I have two favorites in this category. The first being the Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter. Now I know this says its a highlighter but I love to mix this in with any of my primers. It gives a beautiful champagne / golden glow to the skin. It also has a gel like consistency to it is pretty hydrating on the skin. Now because it isn’t a true primer I do find that makeup blends better on top when you mix it with an actual primer but you can also use it by itself. My second favorite is the Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base in nude radiance. This is your one step product if you don’t want to have to mix two different products. It has a little bit of a different tone (more pinky) but it still gives a nice luminosity to the skin and creates a flawless base for makeup application. This product is also water based so it hydrates the skin very nicely.



Now for foundation I like to use a very light weight base which usually means very light coverage. I have two favorites right now the first is the MAC Face and Body. This is a super light weight base (almost like water) and just gives a nice tint to the skin. If you like any type of coverage this product probably isn’t for you. But what this lacks in coverage I usually make up for with concealer. My second favorite base is the Givenchy Teint Couture Balm. This has more of a gel / cream like consistency and has a tad bit more coverage then the Face and Body.  Both are great bases that allow the glow from the primer / skincare come through.

creamhighlightsHIGHLIGHTER (cream & powder)

This next step is I think the most important (and my favorite). I like to use cream / liquid highlighter to set a base for my powder highlight. My two favorite products for this are the Sephora Radiant Luminizing Drops & the Wet N Wild Mega Cushion Highlight.  Both create a very natural luminosity on the skin (they don’t look over powering or glittery) and create a nice base for some of my favorite powder highlights. I like to use these on the high points of my face to create that extra dimension to the skin. Now if you want a more natural glow you can stop at this step (I do this pretty often) but if you want a more intense glow you can move on to the next step with me which is powder highlight. My favorite powder highlights are the MAC Extra Dimensional Skin-finish in Oh Darling and Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal. Both of these highlights are shimmery and add a beautiful glow with out being chunky and glittery.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post and it helps you achieve the glowy skin you’ve always wanted! If you have products that help you stay radiant let me know in the comments.

xo Mel

FTC: these links provide me a small commission if you chose to purchase through it.


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