The Edit: BAREMINERALS Brilliant Future Serum

BM5.jpgI have recently been on the hunt for the perfect serum. It was always one of those steps in my skincare routine that I didn’t put a lot of weight into, I never thought that serums would really make a difference for my skin. But this past year I have really been focusing on my skincare routine and finding products that were going to work the best for me. I really wanted to focus on enhancing my natural skin instead of just covering it up with loads of makeup.


I had been trying out a few different serums here and there when I finally landed on the BAREMINERALS Brilliant Future Age Defense & Renew Serum. To be honest the only reason I was drawn to this product is because of the beautiful packaging and luminosity to the product itself (the light reflecting of the pretty pink glass bottle literally caught my eye from across Ulta). The ultimate reason I decided to purchase it is when I saw the magic word Vitamin C. For what ever reason my skin reacts really well to products that contain this, which makes sense since vitamin c ~or ascorbic acid~ helps to repair and regenerate tissues.

So now that we have talked about one of the main ingredients lets break down the rest…


Ingredient Breakdown

Vitamin C- we have already mentioned this one but lets list the other benefits of this ingredient for your skin, it brightens, smooths and evens skin tone 

Now onto another ingredient that I had never heard about before this product…

Manganese- this is a natural mineral that helps to combat environmental stressors and dryness.

Chai Hu Extract- this is a Chinese plant extract all the research that I have found says that it is an effective anti-inflammatory agent and antioxidant. On the product description it says that it helps to target fine lines and wrinkles. 

Olive Leaf Extract- this is another natural ingredient that is packed with antioxidants and boasting antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to protect the skin from the elements and the signs of aging apparently. And according to the Bareminerals Description it also enhances vibrancy, and creates a radiant, refreshed and healthy looking complexion. 


-Lightweight lotion / serum

-Solution for fine lines and wrinkles and addresses early signs of aging

-Renew’s skins natural luminosity (I definitely need this)

-Combats everyday stressors and environmental aggressors

-Good for all skin types



So to organize all of my thoughts and feelings about this product (and actually make it useful for you guys) I figured I would break down each claim and tell you whether or not I have seen results. Now obviously I will point out that everyones skin is different so just because I see (or don’t see) a change in one of these categories doesn’t necessarily mean someone else will have the same experience. But either way I hope you guys find this guide somewhat helpful!

First up the consistency & texture of the product. Like I mentioned it is described as a lightweight lotion, serum hybrid. I definitely agree with this statement. I normally don’t love when serums are so light weight they feel like water (other then the glossier super pure because its just to good to be mad at). For some reason I feel like they don’t soak into my skin as well and tend to just sit on top until they dry. But this product has more of cream base that allows it to settle into the skin and provide hydration on top of everything else. While it does feel more like a cream it is still very light weight and soaks into the skin with out any real trouble. It also sits wonderfully under the rest of my skincare and even makeup application. So for the first claim I would defiantly give it an A+!

Now this claim is a little bit trickier. It claims to be a solution for fine lines and wrinkles and addresses early signs of aging. At this moment I don’t have a ton of fine lines and wrinkles to solve (since I just turned 24 and have been blessed with good genes so far). But I would like to think I am taking preventative measures to help fight of those pesky signs of aging. So for now I am just going to take it for its word a believe that it is helping me in this area.

Ah my favorite claim of this product is that it renew’s skins natural luminosity. This is an area that I definitely need help with. Recently my skin has been very dull and dry. So when I saw that this product was supposed to help make my skin radiant of course I was all in, it was also an added bonus that this product uses mostly natural ingredients or vitamin c to renew the skins radiance. In the weeks that I have been using this product I have definitely seen a difference in my skins appearance. It seems all around brighter and luminous (and I didn’t have to use to many chemicals to achieve this). This has been one of the only skincare products that I have used that actually improved the dullness of my skin and made it look like a glowing goddesses. I think if you are a fan of glowy skin and are looking for skincare that will help achieve this look I would definitely recommend this product!

Next up we have the claim that it combats everyday stressors and environmental aggressors. This is another hard to one to really pinpoint whether or not it is truly working. Now I’m not a professional or anything so I really have no idea of how to tell if this is working. But I have noticed that my skin overall seems less congested then normal. It could be the protection for stressors and environmental aggressors this product is providing , or a combination of products who knows…(sorry I cant be more helpful on this topic)

The final claim is that it is good for all skin types. I feel like nine out of ten times a product listed on Sephora says this same thing. It gets me thinking are these products really suitable for all skin types? Well I’m here to tell you that to the best of my knowledge (which lets me honest might not be a lot) it seems to work for a variety of skin types.  My skin is all over the place these days, I have combo skin so sometimes its super dry and then oily in certain places (which makes life somewhat difficult). Recently my skin has also been going through a bit of a sensitive phase to products that have fragrance in them. But since I have been using this serum I have had a break out or reaction. So I would say it does work for combo, or sensitive skin. It also has been helping to soothe my dry patches (I think because of the olive leaf extract) so it will probably work well for dry skin as well.

While I’m not an expert on skincare I do hope you guys find this review helpful! Let me know if you try out this product and what your thoughts on it are.


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