Best in Bases: Givenchy Teint Couture Blurring Foundation Balm

20171207-IMG_5088I was recently inspired by one of my favorite bloggers Amelia Says who has a series called Best of Bases, where she talks about some of her favorite foundations. Foundation is one of those products where I am constantly looking for something new and exciting. It also one of the things I love writing reviews for the most. So I thought it would be fun to put my own spin on things and start a series titled “Best in” on our blog for individual product reviews. I want to start off with my favorite foundations and then maybe expand into other product categories. To start off we are going to be talking about the Givenchy Teint Couture Blurring Foundation Balm.



This product is absolute magic on the skin. It immediately smooths the skin and creates a perfect base for the rest of your makeup. Usually my first stop for product research is so I wanted to talk about their description. Heres what they have to say

“The texture of a balm offers a the feel of a second skin. This soft, light, and delicate melt-in texture glides on to fuse with the curves of the face. It contains no greasy oil, but rather an exclusive selection of volatile components that vanish on application, leaving an imperceptible veil. The complexion is smoothed and perfectly even for up to 12 hours. The Light and Blur Complex with diamond powder visibly erases all imperfections and fine lines, giving the skin a look of pure and natural radiance. The complexion is lightly corrected, with a lightweight feeling.” 

Pretty wordy but lets break it down shall we. First thing that jumps out at me is “second skin” which to me means that it will create a natural finish and blend into the skin without sinking into my pores. It also mentions a “smoothed and perfectly even” complexion for 12 hours (now thats what I like to hear) and “erases all imperfections”. And last but certainly not least it gives the skin a “natural radiance”. This products basically touches on all of my base product needs, but does it live up to its claims?



Teint Couture is a light coverage base that has a thick balm like consistency. While the formula is thick and gel like it feels extremely light weight on the skin. It is hydrating without being oily, which makes it appealing for all skin types (and perfect for me all year round). If you have dry skin you can probably get away with not setting it, but if you are on the oilier side you might want to use a small amount of powder (I have combo skin so I usually set my t zone when wearing this). My favorite thing about this base product is that it actually does an amazing job at smoothing out the skin. It contains diamond powder that helps to reflect light leaving the skin looking smooth and flawless. I struggling with some texture on my cheeks but when wearing this it is way less noticeable. This magical light and blur also gives your skin this beautiful radiance. I’ve never had a base product that smooths my texture while still leaving my skin radiant and glowy (I’m excited to use this with my new Milk Makeup Luminous Blur stick).

My second favorite thing about this product is that it conceals any redness with out being thick and full coverage. It leads to this product actually looking like your skin instead of a thick layer of makeup. If you are more of a full coverage person you may not love this product. Don’t get me wrong I love a good full coverage day but most of the time I prefer something more light weight. In the Sephora description it claims that it last for a full 12 hours which I completely agree with. It looks better through out the day, it doesn’t get cakey or dry and pretty much stays in place. I do get a tad shiny in my t zone but nothing a little powder can’t fix for me.

All in all this is one of my favorite base products of all time. It checks all of my needs and wants for a base product and will definitely be a repurchase in the future.


Let me know how you guys feel about this series idea and what kinds of products you would like to see reviewed.



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