Tested: Kora Organics Noni Radiant Eye Oil


Today I wanted to talk about a newer product on the market, The Kora Organics Noni Radiant Eye Oil. We were lucky enough to have been sent this product before its release to test out (thank you Kora Organics). After using it for about two weeks (day and night) I wanted to share my thoughts to help you guys make an informed decision before buying!


First up I wanted to talk about the basics of this product such as its ingredients and who should be using it. This is the third product in their line of noni oils, the first two being a radiant body oil and a glow face oil. For $38 you get 10 ml of product (which isn’t to bad) I always feel like oil based products are more expensive. According to the Sephora website this product is suitable for all skin types. It’s also certified organic and made form all natural ingredients. Some of these ingredients include organic noni, tomato fruit, marine bamboo extracts, kahai and coffee oils. The combination of these ingredients is supposed to help brighten even the most delicate skin around your eyes. The most unique feature of this product is the rose quartz roller ball used for application. Now that we have the basics down lets move on to its claims.


Now this product claims to have a lot of benefits. From softening fine lines to reducing dark under eye circles (and that just scratches the surface) this product really claims to do it all. It also claims to help firm and tone the skin around the eye area to help achieve a youthful appearance. Now even the rose quartz ball has some added benefits, it helps to  support circulation and reduces puffiness as well as provided a super soothing experience for the under eyes. This also helps to prep the under eye area for makeup application (which was very intriguing to me).


Now lets talk about my actual review and experience with this products so far. First up I want to talk about my thoughts on the packing. The glass bottle feels super luxurious. Usually eye creams (at least the ones I use) come in plastic tubes which are fine and all but there is something about this little glass bottle that makes me that much more excited to use it. Maybe it has just been so ingrained in my head that luxury = results (which I know isn’t always true). Another added bonus is the little rose quartz roller ball which just adds to the luxuriousness (is that a word I think it is) of this product. Not only are you putting this very soothing oil on your under eye it also feels like a little massage every day and night. It just adds to the soothing abilities of this product and actually makes me look forward to using this product every day.

Now lets move on to the formulation of the product. I want to break down every claim and discuss whether or not I have seen results. First claim is that it helps to soften fine lines while firming and toning the skin. Now this claim I can’t really be sure of because as of now I don’t have any fine lines (blessed by the skin gene gods) but I hope this will help to tone the skin to prevent these from occurring. I wish I could be more helpful on this front but for right now I can’t say to much on this topic. Up next is reducing dark under eye circles. Now here is something I can actually form an opinion on. My under eyes are very temperamental so any off day (whether I don’t get enough sleep or maybe don’t drink enough water) means super dark under eyes for me. But ever since I started using this product I have definitely seen an improvement in this area. My dark circles haven’t been completely eradicated but they have definitely lightened. I hope with the continuous use of this product I will see them get even better (a girl can dream). So I definitely think on this front it is a wonderful product (thanks to the caffeine I think)! Next up is that it helps support circulation and reduces puffiness. Again any lack of sleep (no matter how small) or lack of hydration causes some puffiness around my eyes. This is where the rose quartz roller comes in. Like I said every time you use this product it has that extra bonus of massaging the under eyes. Which is what I credit the recent lack of puffiness to. So again I think if this is something that plagues your under eyes I would highly recommend this product.

The last claim I want to discuss is that the Sephora website claims this is suitable for all skin types. My under eyes (like a majority of peoples) is the most sensitive area on my face. I will often know immediately if an eye product won’t work for me (I break out in this small little white bumps). But I was super happy when this product was safe enough for my sometimes overly sensitive skin. The oil is light weight enough to not clog the pores and absorbs very nicely while still hydrating the skin. It even creates a nice hydrated base for makeup application which is defiantly another added bonus!

 Overall if you are looking for a hydrating eye product that will help to decrease puffiness and dark circles I would highly recommend this product. I love that it is all natural and safe for even the most sensitive skin!

xo Mel


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