Tested: Farmacy Honey Potion Mask Review


The next installment of my tested series focuses on Farmacy Beauty’s Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask (what a name). Masks are my all time favorite skincare product so when I started seeing this product all over instagram I knew I had to try it for myself. After testing it out for a few weeks I knew I wanted to write an in-depth blog post about it. First I want to break down the texture of the product and how I like to use it. Then we will talk about the key ingredients and the masks claims. And finally we will get to my thoughts on the product. So grab some popcorn (or what ever snack you would like) and lets break down some of my favorite things about this product!


First up like I mentioned I want to take a few minutes to talk a little bit about the background on this product and just a few things I have noticed here and there. One of the most interesting things that I found out about this product while doing a little but of research was that according to the product description on the Sephora website, all of the honey is natural sourced by the brand.

“locally sourced honey comes from our farm in upstate New York, where our happy, healthy VIBs (very important bees) pollinate Echinacea GreenEnvy™ flowers, infusing the honey with potent natural antioxidants.”

One thing that I really love about this brand is there commitment to natural ingredients.  They even have a little tab that talks about how they formulate their products and what ingredients they stay away from and why. They have a helpful little chart (just scroll all the way down) explaining all the ingredients commonly found in skincare that can possibly be irritants (its super helpful if you are looking to rid your skincare routine of certain chemicals). Now I will say that I am someone who likes to have a good mix of “chemical” based skincare products and natural products in my routine. But it is always important to know which “chemicals” are helpful and which ones are harmful. Also can we also just take a second to appreciate how cool it is that they have there own farm (seriously Farmacy if you are reading this can I come visit?).


Now onto my next favorite thing about this product… the texture. When you first spoon it out it is super  thick and sticky (almost like you are putting straight honey on your face)  but as you start to massage the product into your skin it starts to emulsify  and turn into more of a heavy cream like texture. Its probably one of the most unique things I have ever experienced when it comes to skincare. Which brings me to another important aspect of this product. It has a warming property which helps to revitalize skin. To active this warming sensation you actually have to  massage the product into the skin (this is also when it starts to change textures like I mentioned above). I find this to be possibly my favorite part about this mask. It adds that extra little touch of pampering to your masking routine! The tiny metal spatula also just adds to the luxuriousness of this product and also helps to ensure a mess free and easy application of the mask!


Ahh another thing I love about this product…This mask also has the most amazing orangey-yellow color to it. Which obviously comes from the bee pollen and honey. But for some reason I find it so soothing to look at (and it looks beautiful on my new bathroom shelf). 



Next I want to break down the key ingredients in this product and why each one is beneficial to your skin! There are four main ingredients in this product including, Echinacea GreenEnvy™ Honey, Propolis + Royal Jelly, Essential B Vitamins and Glycerin. Each one has specific role to play in this product to help improve your skin.

I want to start off by talking about the Echinacea GreenEnvy™ Honey (since it is in the name of the product). But lets break down both parts of this ingredient (the Echinacea GreenEnvy™ and the honey). One thing I think is important to mention again is that, the honey used in Farmacy’s products is all naturally sourced. Okay so now lets break it down…starting off with the honey part first since everyone pretty much knows what that is. Honey is a a natural humectant (actually definition is “retaining or preserving moisture”) that has been used since ancient times. So why is it good for your skin? Well it not only helps to hydrate the skin but it also purifies and heals with potent natural antioxidants. So now on to the Echinacea GreenEnvy™ part, which in the description is a unique variant of echinacea purpurea (which is a type of flower that the bees pollinate). By allowing the bess to pollinate this specific flower it creates a high concentration of the phytochemical cichoric acid (which enhances the honeys hydration and the purifying properties). After all of this research I think I am going to add honey in to all aspects of my skincare…

Anyway…onto the second most important ingredient…Propolis. This is an antiseptic (substances that prevent the growth of disease-causing microorganisms) that is commonly found in beehives and combined with Royal Jelly it helps to support skin renewal for a more youthful appearance.

This product also contains Essential B Vitamins that help to smooth dry skin and renew its look.

And last but not least on the key ingredients list is the Glycerin. Which actually attracts moisture to skin and hydrates for a soft, supple look and feel (so many amazing ingredients for hydrating). This ingredient is also where the warming properties of this product come from. According to the description…

“When glycerin comes in contact with the skin and is gently massaged, it transforms into a rich cream with a warming sensation to create a luxurious experience.”

So according to the ingredients this is basically a miracle product…but you might be asking what specifically it is supposed to target other then hydration. Well according to the Sephora website this product is supposed to target dryness (obviously) fine lines & wrinkles, and dullness & uneven skin tone. I will be touching on all of these and weather or not I think the product was successful in my next section.


So obviously the biggest and most talked about benefit from this product is the hydration it provides your skin. For my combo / sensitive skin it can be hard to find products that deeply moisturize my skin with out causing oiliness or irritation. But this is one of the few products that I find I can use on my skin when its dry, when its breaking out or even when it’s having an oily day. After I use it my skin feels super soft and extremely smoothed. I also find that when I am having a really dry period (intense flakiness and all) after using this mask my skin returns to a more normal state and my dry patches are pretty much soothed. I think on the hydration aspect of this product it really hits the mark. I also believe that even though it is targeted for deep hydration it could be beneficial for all skin types.

The next claim I want to touch on is that this products helps to obtain a more youthful appearance. Now as of right now I don’t have a ton of fine lines or signs of aging (yet anyway) so its hard for me to touch on these claims in products. But I will say that after using this mask my skin feels extremely smooth and looks ever so slightly more plump and radiant.

The last claim I am going to touch on is the purifying aspects of this mask. Honey has a ton of purifying properties which is initially why I wanted to try the mask out. And I must say this (in my opinion) is the best part of this product. Whenever I have any break out (big or small) I always reach for this mask first. For some reason it is the only product that actually helps sooth and clear up any bumps I have on my skin. When I have reactions to products or “break out” I normally get this tiny bumps and lots of redness to go along with them. But after using this mask the bumps start to heal and my skin instantly fells smooth again. Because of this, I can honestly say this mask has been the only one I have been using on my skin for the last 3 months.


So I obviously really loved this mask! I think overall this products has some really amazing ingredients to help your skin and I would highly recommend it for a variety of skin types.  I am hoping to explore this brand more and pick up a few more of Farmacy’s products soon! Let me know if you guys have used any of their products and which ones are your favorites.

xox Mel

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