Best in Cream Eye Shadows

Today I wanted to share the next installment of my “Best In” series and talk about some of my favorite cream eyeshadow products. Cream products have always been a struggle for me. I could never find formulas that worked well on my skin type for some reason (it could be because I ask a lot of them) but more recently I have found three cream eye shadow products that actually wear super well on me. I am finding I reach for these products more then anything else in my collection which has been such a huge surprise that I knew I needed to talk about them this week!


First up the Dior Fusion Mono Eyeshadow in Météore. I know there are a lot of mixed thoughts on this product but it happens to be one of my all time favorites in my collection. It has a light airy texture (some where between a cream and mousse) and blends seamlessly onto the lid. I find the best way to apply this product is with my fingers. It is super weightless and I think this is one of the main reasons it never creases (which is a miracle on my lids). According to the description it is multidimensional, and light-reflecting which I definitely agree with! It has a beautiful bronzy base color and the most beautiful gold glitter reflects that look stunning when they catch the light. I love to wear it by itself or even on top if any eye look to give it that extra pop of glamour.

Next up the Bite Beauty Prismatic Pearl Multistick in Oyster PearlThis has been one of the best spur of the moment buys for me. I had never really given these much thought when they first came out but as soon as I swatched it in the store I knew it would be amazing! It has a super creamy and lightweight formula on the lids. I find that it is super easy to blend with your fingers or even a brush. This product has a tad bit more pigment when layered then the Dior one, it has a metallic taupe base color with silver shimmer running through it. After applying a few layers I do find that it can crease a tad but if I apply the tiniest bit of translucent powder in my crease it stops this from happening! This formula is super unique also because you can use it on the cheeks and lips as well which I want to try soon.

And finally the Nars Cream Shadow in Mykonos which is my all time favorite cream eyeshadow. Unfortunately I don’t think you can purchase these anymore but I did want to mention it quickly. It has such a creamy formula while still being super pigmented and easy to blend. This product literally does it all! Who do I have to beg and pled with at NARS for them to bring these back (seriously someone let me know)?? NARS does make cream eyeshadow sticks now that I am hopping have the same formula (fingers crossed) and that I need to try out soon!

Let me know if you guys have any favorite cream eye shadows! I am always looking to adding more to my collection!

xoxo Mel


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