A Love Letter: Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon


The newest product from Demalogica and one of the most recent additions to my skincare routine is the Sound Sleep Cocoon night cream. Let me just warn you…my love for this product runs extremely deep. I was never someone who put much thought into including a “night cream” into my routine. But after trying this product just one time I was hooked. Since introducing it into my routine my skin has honestly never looked better. So of course I had to write a love letter to another one of my favorite products. Here I will break down the ingredients and explain to you guys why this product has seriously changed my skin for the better.


First up I wanted to touch on the constancy of this product. It has a gel-cream consistency that to me feels like it transforms to water when applied to the skin. I find that it hydrates and plumps the skin with out feeling heavy or congesting my pores.

Now on to the ingredients found in the cream…

Listed first in the product description is Persian silk tree extract. This ingredient claims to reduce signs of skin fatigue and restore vitality (the state of being strong and active; energy). Okay is it just me or does anyone else get confused when brands use the word “vitality” in their product descriptions?

But any way moving on…

Next up is wu-zhu-yu extract which is supposed to provide visibly radiant skin by morning (definitely something I need).

There is also Tamarind seed polysaccharide (thats a mouth full) which helps cushions the skin. The description goes on to say that “this helps to create a nourishing cocoon of comfort for softer, more hydrated skin”.

The last ingredient listed in the product description is Australian kakadu plum extract. This is an ingredient that is rich in vitamin C, which helps to improve and brighten skin tone.

The last component of this cream which I find to be the most intriguing is that it contains aromatherapy properties that help to promote deep and restful sleep. It contains French lavender essential oil, along with calming sandalwood and patchouli. Now because of these ingredients the cream does have a scent to it. I personally love it (lavender is one of my favorite scents) and I find that it doesn’t overwhelm or linger for to long on the skin.



Now onto why I love this product so much….

First up the constancy of this cream works really well with my skin type. I have combo skin that can get congested extremely easily. I have been finding that gel-cream hybrids such as the belif cream work best for my skin type. So I was so excited that this product had a similar constancy. It is hydrating enough to soothe my dry patches but still light weight enough to not clog my pores. Also when I wake up in the morning my skin feels plump and moisturized but not greasy.

As for the ingredients and claims of this product I definitely find that it lives up to its description. My skin has appeared less dull and more radiant by morning and even lasts that way through out the day all thanks to the wu-zhu-yu extract. I have even felt more comfortable not wearing makeup on a daily basis because my skin just looks more alive. My discoloration has drastically faded and even the texture of my skin has become softer and more plump. I had a feeling that my skin would react incredibly well to this product because of the Australian kakadu plum extract which contains vitamin C to help brighten and even skin tone. But I never imagined my skin would look this good. I have always been very self conscious of my skin which is why I got into makeup at a very young age. But it is amazing what the right products can do to help nourish your skin. I have definitely been more focused one finding products (and not just getting sucked into he over hyped ones) that are right for my skin type, which has helped me to be more confident in my bare face! I can definitely say that this is one of those products and something will continue to purchase again and again (even thought it has a hefty price tag of $80). 

As for the aromatherapy properties of this product, I’m not sure if this specifically has helped me have better sleeping habits. I have been making a few other changes in my everyday routine to help me sleep better and I have definitely noticed a difference. I would like to think in part its this cream but I really can’t say…I will say though that I love the scent of this product and it was honestly one of the main reasons I started to use it. Normally my skin is very sensitive to artificial fragrance in products but I think because this scent is more natural it has had the opposite effect on my skin. It feels very soothing to me and I haven’t had any irritation what so ever!

I warned you guys that I was seriously in love with this product….I hope you found this little love note helpful! And let me know if you guys try out this night cream, I would love to hear your thoughts!

xoxo Mel

FTC: This product was scent to us to review but all opinions are my own (thank you to Skin Store)

One thought on “A Love Letter: Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon

  1. Wow awesome review please keep sharing these amazing products that you find . The price is a little high for me but if it works i will pay for it please keep us inform of the changes and if you still like it 😙😙😙


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