Tested: Lou Lou Lips

I don’t know what it is but recently I have been really drawn to lip products. I was never someone who owned a ton of lip products (other then lip balm) and if I did they were all the same shade of nude. But over the last few months I have been expanding my collection and stepping out of my comfort zone when it comes to lip color. which is why when Lou Lou Lips reached out to us to test some of their products out I jumped at the chance. Lou Lou Lips is an Australian based company created by makeup artist Louise Griffin. They have two collections of lipsticks, the Alias range and the Goddess range. They so kindly sent us over a few colors to test so we wanted to share our thoughts with you guys!



We received the shades Luna, Nemesis and Venus. This formula is described as a semi-matte moisturizing lipstick (one of my faves), and were named after ancient Goddesses. This brand is unique because its founder’s main goal is to help women feel confident through the empowerment of lipstick. Which is why the lipsticks are named after such powerful women in mythology that were symbols of strength, hope, and confidence. I love the strong message behind the brand and love this formula even more.  These shades are extremely pigmented while still being super creamy and hydrating. They feel like butter on the lips but still give that pop of intense color. My favorite way to wear this formula was sheered out on the lips almost like a stain. I would take a little bit of the shade Venus (a beautiful deep red) and apply it lightly to my lips and it would give an intensified your lips but better feel. I fell in love this shade right away and it has easily made its way into my favorite drawer. Luna and Nemesis have more of a purple coloring to them with cool undertones that I found looked amazing for a night out.


Luna, Nemesis and Venus 



We received the shades Ned and William in the Alias range. This is a creamy matte, long lasting formula. Now I’m normally not a huge fan of matte lipsticks (they tend to make my lips looks extremely dry) but these have such a creamy formula that I actually really enjoyed wearing them. They had that matte look but they didn’t make my lips feel like they would crack if I smiled to hard like most matte lipsticks do… I found myself being pleasantly surprised by how much I loved these. You’re probably asking yourself about the shades names at this point and again they have another cool significance to them. Each  of these lipsticks was named after a woman who achieved great things under the guise of a man. According to the Lou Lou Lips website,

“Through bold, feminine shades that blend strength with beauty, ALIAS tells the stories of Ned, Currer, Franklin, and William; women who challenged the status quo with intelligence and strength.”

I love a brand that has a strong and empowering message for their customers, while providing amazing products. Aside from the amazing formula these lipsticks also have amazing pigment to them! Ned is such a beautiful cool nude shade on me and has easily been my go to for the last month or so. The shade William is a beautiful pop of coral that I think will look even better on me this summer when I have a tan.



Ned & Wiliam

I have fallen in love with so many of these shades and can’t wait to try the rest of the colors! I love the identity that Lou Lou Lips has created for themselves and can’t wait to see what else they come out with! Let me know if you guys check out their website and  what you think!

Xox Mel

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