The May Makeup Bag Edit


Its that time again and I’m running out of intros for these posts….

L’Oreal Lumi Glotion – This is a great luminous base from the drugstore. I have the shade 903 which gives my skin a nice bronzy glow. I included it this month because I have so many base products similar that I completely forgot how much I love this one. I’m hoping to get some good use out of it this month (and for the rest of the summer). It also may or may not be in an upcoming dupe video along side its very expensive counterpart (wink wink). I think if you are into a very glowy base but don’t want to spend $30+ on basically a shimmery lotion this is a great option for you! I love seeing the drugstore jump on some of the same trends as high end brands!  

Lancome Skin Feels Good – One of the newest “foundations” (more of a skin tint) in my collection. For about two weeks when I got this it was the only thing I wanted to put on my face. But of course like with everything else in my collection I got new things and completely forgot about this one…(I seriously have a problem). Im hoping to rediscover my love for this product in the coming weeks because I did really really like this when I first started using it. If you like super light weight base products that still have a touch of coverage I would highly recommend this product. 

Colourpop No Filter Concealer – Ugh this pains me to say but I just don’t think I like this product anymore…When I first got this I really liked it but now its just to much coverage and to matte for me. But I am going to give it one last try before I decide whether or not to pass it on to a friend. Another thing that annoys me about this product is that it oxidizes like crazy!!! Colourpop seriously like what…. But I am really going to try and give it a fair shot in this monthly makeup bag. Hopefully it works out but if not it will be getting a better home! 


Givenchy Prisme Visage Powder – I bought this product last year and since then haven’t used it very much. Is a beautiful powder that brightens and doesn’t look overly dry on my skin. But if I’m being honest I just don’t use powder that much on my skin. Im hoping to get some good use out of this a put some what of a dent in this very very pricey product…next time I want to buy a powder please someone talk me out of it! 

Marc Jacobs Tan Tastic Bronzer – One of my holy grail bronzers! I was so scared to use this to much last year because I didn’t want to run out…but now that its part of the permanent collection I can finally use it as much as I want! Its a really beautiful neutral shade that I find I can contour with or bronze with. The pan is also as big as my head so I’m not really sure why I thought I was going to run out of it…If you are looking for a good neutral bronzer and have a light to medium skin tone (Marc can we possibly get a darker shade in this same formula??) I would highly recommend this product!


Dose Of Colors Baked Browns – This was my HG mattes palette, it was the first true full matte shadow palette that I owned and I used it pretty much everyday. More recently I have been wearing way less powder eyeshadow so this has kinda fallen into the depths of my eyeshadow drawer. I’m hoping to rediscover my love foe this palette again and maybe put a dent in some of the shadows (I am on a strict no palette buy for the rest of 2018). 

NARS Eyeliners London & Kyoto – I’ve been trying to play around with eyeliner again. For awhile I hadn’t been wearing it but I’m feeling that smoked out lash line look. In my opinion Nars can do no wrong so of course I had to add in these two liners from them. London is a beautiful cool toned grey and Kyoto is an olive green with some shimmer in it. Both are very easy to wear everyday colors so I am hoping to get some good use out of them this month! 


It Cosmetics Brow Power – To be honest I have been trying to use up this eye brow pencil for so long, it just never seems to go away. This not my favorite, it has a super thick tip and is in the shade universal taupe that look okay but not great on me. I am hoping that this is finally them month I use it up and can say good bye. I am sick of seeing it in my drawer… I will say that the formula is pretty nice (very pigmented and creamy) and it stays place all day so I guess I cant complain to much. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this months monthly makeup bag! Let me know if you guys still find these interesting and if you would like me to take it a step further and post a corresponding youtube video with the products mentioned above! 

Xo Mel 


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