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Welcome back to another Wednesday I hope that this blog post finds you siting on a beach somewhere basking in the sun to achieve that all over glow…if not and you are sitting at work like me I hope these products help you fake a little bit of sunshine. This week I wanted to talk about some of my favorite products I reach for when I want to achieve that all over glowy look. I like my skin to look very natural and dewy year round so I am always reaching for light weight bases to help achieve this look. Today I am going to talk about 5 products for every type of glow! 

The natural light from with in look. These two products give you a nice luminosity with out making your face look like you dumped a bunch of glitter on it….

The first product I wanted to mention is the Bobbi Brown Illuminating moisture Balm in Bare Glow $68. It has a balm / cream hybrid texture that really helps to hydrate and plump the skin while adding the perfect amount of luminosity. Although it has an almost thick consistency it sinks into the skin nicely leaving it feeling nice and smooth for makeup application. According to the Sephora website this product has reflective pearls mimic the radiance of healthy, glowing skin. Which is what gives your skin that perfect natural radiance. Along with the reflective pearls it also contains lychee extract which helps to energize the skin. This has been my go to base product for about two months now since I bought it. It honestly has made such a difference in the appearance of my skin and I love that it has added skincare benefits! 

Now if you don’t want to spend a small fortune on my first recommendation then the Fresh freshface Instant Glow Luminizer in Sunset $38 is another amazing option to achieve this look! I have been rediscovering my deep love for Fresh for a while now and this product is no exception. This was a product that I had never seen before but was intrigued by when I saw it at Sephora. It is described as a light weight moisturizing luminizer for an instant healthy looking glow. I like that this product is also very versatile since you can use it alone, under makeup or as a highlighter. This gives the most beautiful subtle shimmer to the skin. It also is a tad lighter on the skin then the Bobbi Brown one so I like to wear it on days where I know I am going to be running around a lot and need my makeup to stay in place for long hours. I have been using this so much the last few weeks I already need a backup. 

Onto my second favorite look the bronzed glow. I love look like I just spent a week at the beach pretty much year round. A good way to achieve this look with out going over board (I am the absolute worst at self tan) is to use a bronze based primer. 

First I wanted to mention a pretty new product at the drugstore the L’Oreal Lumi Glotion in 903 $11.99. This is a great affordable option to add some glow to your skin with out breaking the bank. Its super light weight and sits well under light weight foundations or full coverage foundations. You also can use it alone or mixed in with your favorite skin tint. I personally love to use this by it self for a no makeup makeup look (the only thing that could make this better is if it had a tad bit of spf in it). It also comes in a few different shades depending on you skin tone so you can really get a customized glow with the product! 

Another one of my favorite bronze base products is the Lune and Aster Real Glow Bronzing Primer $30. I actually had never heard of this brand until I saw them randomly at Bluemercury. This product has a little bit more pigmentation then the L’Oreal one but it blends out so beautifully on the skin. This is the product that I reach for when I want to look extra bronzy. It provides a nice luminous sheen to the skin while leaving the skin feeling smooth and prepped for makeup. 

Now if you don’t want to buy a luminous base but still want to achieve the glow here is my DIY glow base. I like to take my favorite liquid highlight the Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter in Dew You? (any one will do though so use your fave) and a hydrating primer (I usually use the glossier priming moisturizer) and just mix them together. I like to use this mixture when I really want to customize my glow. You can use as little or as much highlighter as you want into the primer to help achieve your perfect luminous base. I also like this method because you have the added bonus of being able to use any primer that works for your skin. I noticed that a lot of luminous bases are also hydrating but if you have oily skin they might not always work for you. Using this method you could mix the highlight in with a smoothing primer (I’ve tried the hourglass veil) to create the perfect finish for your skin! 

I hope you guys found this helpful! Let me know what some of your favorite luminous bases are I love to try new ones out! 

Xoxo Mel 

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