Dupe Alert: Pixi vs Stila | Glitter Eyeshadow

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to receive the most generous package from Pixi Beauty. The box included all five shades of their new liquid fairy lights glitter eye shadows $15. The shades are Crystalline (a white base with iridescent silver glitter) SunRay (a yellow base with silver glitter) RoseGold (a rosy pink base with gold glitter) BareBrilliance (a taupe base with silver glitter) and PassionLight (a bronze base with silver glitter). Upon swatching these I immediately noticed two things 1.) they were extremely beautiful and 2.) they reminded me a lot of the Stila glitter and glow liquid eyeshadow $24. As soon as I realized the similarities I knew I had to compare them in this post! 



First up I wanted to chat about the Pixi Shadows a little bit. These shadows have a cream base that hold the glitter in place.They try down matte and are very long wearing. There is a tiny bit of fall out from the glitter after wearing them for a few hours but nothing that would deter me from purchasing these! They are also infused with chamomile and rose extracts to soothe and hydrate the eye area. I find the best way to apply them are directly to the eye with the applicator and then blend them in with your finger. 


BareBrilliance vs Smoldering Satin:

The only exact dupe that I currently own is BareBrilliance and Smoldering Satin. When I switched them side by side I could hardly tell a difference between the two. Both have a warm taupe bade color with silver reflects. The only slight difference is that the Stila eyeshadow has a bit more reflect to it but if you layered up the Pixi eyeshadow you could probably achieve the same look!


As for the other shades I currently don’t own all of the Stila colors but I tried my best to match up some shades that were similar to the Pixi just in case you guys were curious!


PassionLight vs Bronzed Bell:

Both have a very warm bronzy base to them. PassionLight is a little bit more red toned but both have a shift of gold and silver reflects.

RoseGold vs Kitten Karma:

Both shades have an almost identical peachy pink base color and silver reflects.

Crystalline vs Perlina:

Both have an opalescent white base with duo-chrome shifts of purple, blue and pink glitter.

SunRay vs Gold Goddess:

Both have a yellow / gold base with gold reflects. SunRay is a little bit more yellow gold and Gold Goddess is more bronzy gold.

I think if you want to achieve a glitter eye but save some $$ I would highly recommend the Pixi shadows. I am super impressed by these eyeshadows from Pixi and I hope that they continue to expand the line! Have you guy tried these out yet what are your thoughts?

Xoxo Mel

One thought on “Dupe Alert: Pixi vs Stila | Glitter Eyeshadow

  1. This is so helpful !! I was just thinking on getting some glitter shadows but, stila is a little expensive. Thank you so much


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