My experience with Prose Custom Hair Care

Hi everyone, it’s Lyn here and I am so excited to talk about a new hair care experience from a company called Prose. They very graciously offered to send us a free system so that we could try it out and share our thoughts with you guys!

Prose offers specialized hair care products so when you visit the website, you will take a “quiz” to determine your unique formula. It takes about 5 minutes and includes questions regarding your hair and scalp concerns, lifestyle and even your geographic region. Some of the questions are fairly predictable, like whether your hair is curly, wavy or straight, whether your hair is colored or chemically treated and whether or not you have issues with a flaky scalp. (Big YES for me.) However, some of the lifestyle questions were unexpected, like diet, exposure to stress and where you live. I found that one to be particularly interesting because once you enter your zip code, it gives you information about UV, water quality, humidity and pollution. These are not things I would necessarily have considered before but I can definitely see how it would have an impact on the health of your hair. After answering all of these questions, you also get to pick from a few different fragrance options (including unscented) and whether you want your products to be vegan, gluten free or silicone free. I chose silicone free because I have been hearing more and more about how you should steer clear from products that contain it. The system that was recommended for me included a pre-shampoo mask, shampoo and conditioner. Another plus for me was the free shipping and I also received my package pretty quickly. I think it only took about 5 days or so.

Once my products arrived I was very excited to try them out. As I have mentioned in previous posts about haircare, I do have issues with a flaky scalp so that is always my biggest concern when trying out new products. I have found a couple of products that work well for me so I was very curious as to how these would compare. The pre-shampoo mask was very interesting to me because it is not a product that is in my normal routine. It comes in a jar that you have to scoop out and has a slight gritty texture which feels like it would be a good exfoliant. The directions say to leave on for 15 minutes which is a little challenging for me since I do not have always have that much extra time in the shower. I probably only end up leaving it on for 5-10 minutes so I am not sure that I am getting the full effects but I do feel like my hair feels really clean. I typically only wash my hair 1-2 times per week so it is very important for me that my hair stays clean looking for a few days and flake free. I did notice with my Prose system that I was able to go at least 5 days before needing to wash my hair and I have not seen any flakes in my scalp which is amazing. I do have to say that the conditioner did not seem to be enough moisture for my hair and I found that my ends were a bit dry unless I used an additional hair mask. This may also be my fault since when I filled out the questionnaire, it was still during the summer months and I hadn’t been experiencing as much dryness. The weather has started to turn a bit cooler here in New England so that may be why my ends are feeling more dehydrated than usual. I’m not sure if Prose offers an extra hydrating mask but that would definitely be something I would be interested in trying.

Overall, I have been very happy with the results of my Prose hair care system. It is a bit on the pricey side (I think my set retailed for $90+) so it is definitely more of a splurge item. However, if you have specific hair issues and have been struggling to find a solution, it is definitely worth checking out. I do wish that there was a little more information on their website. When I log into my account, I can re-order my formula or I can take the quiz again to get a new formula but I would also like to see how I answered the questions originally. Since I did notice that my hair felt a little dry, I was curious to see if I changed my answers I would get a more hydrating formula. I am also curious if they offer other products than just the three that I received but I couldn’t find that information on the website. I am always looking for new things to buy, so if I saw a hair mask on their site, I would probably add it on!

Thank you so much for following us and reading about my experience with Prose!


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