Sensitive Skin + Makeup Bases

I’m continuing my sensitive skin series with the topic of base products. Specifically what makes a good base product for sensitive skin. My skin has always been sensitive to skincare but I never thought the makeup products I was using could also be causing trouble for my skin. I always wanted to hop on the most recent trends when it came to makeup, which lead me to picking products that weren’t right for my skin type. When the full coverage matte foundation trend started I noticed my skin getting more and more irritated. I couldn’t understand why my skin didn’t look flawless like *enter famous beauty guru here*. This is when I started to look deeper into the products and ingredients I was using on my skin. Through this I learned a few important things: 

  1. I had a sensitively to silicone and wanted to cut back on the ingredient 
  2. My skin was easily overwhelmed and clogged by heavy high coverage products 

So I had to take a few steps to solve these problems and find out which products were going to work out best for my skin type. 

Quick Disclaimer: everyones skin is different, so maybe my problems aren’t the same problems plaguing your skin, My first piece of advice would be to target your main “issues” (for lack of a better word) and the areas of your skin you would like to improve. For me this was cutting back on silicons and reducing irritation caused by heavy products. 

So lets get to the the products that made a difference in my skin and might help you out if you have similar issues


I always thought primer was supposed to smooth out your skin and fill in every pore. Until I realized that most smoothing primers are made from silicon based ingredients. For me the silicone was clogging my pores and causing server irritation (little red bump rashes all over my skin) I decided to cut out all products that had an abundance of silicones. This left me pretty much all of my hydrating primers. 

My faves: First Aid Beauty Coconut Skin Priming Moisturizer 

Pros: Still helps to add a bit of smoothness to the skin without the use of heavy silicones. Smells divine! Instantly hydrates and adds a nice amount of illumination. 

Cons: None that I have found so far (and I have gone through two bottles) 


I alway wanted a flawless complexion, but I learned very quickly full coverage foundation and concealers were not going to accomplish this for me. Like the silicone based primers these products sat on top of my skin suffocating (only a bit dramatic) and causing a lot of irritation. So instead I started to opt for lightweight, light-medium coverage. I also became more aware of *how much* silicone was in each product. I found it very difficult to find a number of products with absolutely no silicone in them. So I figured out that I could tolerate products with silicons further down in the ingredients list for short periods of time. 

My Faves: Makeup Forever HD Foundation Stick 

Pros: This product has a beautiful natural finish that looks like skin. Medium buildable coverage. Very creamy and easy to blend into the skin. This has become my go to product for going out, when I need something that is a bit long lasting. 

Cons: Because of its creamy finish it may not be best for oily skin. 

My Faves: Nudestix Nudies Tinted Blur Stick 

Pros: Super light coverage but does a great job of evening the skin tone. Natural skin like look and feel. Helps to smooth and blur skin texture. Super easy to blend and looks flawless on the skin. 

Cons: Not a ton of coverage. Small shade range but apparently the pigments are shade adjusting. 

My Faves: Glossier Stretch Concealer 

Pros: Hydrating base that allows the skin to move and breath. Blends super easily into the skin. Medium coverage. 

Cons: Really really small shade range. Moves around a bit and may not be great for oily skin. 


This category was tricky to identify as an issue for my skin. But I found that a lot of these types of products have fragrance in them (another skin irritant for me). These products can also sit on top of the skin as well causing buildup and irritation (for me). 

My Faves: Glossier Wowder 

Pros: Sets makeup in place while still looking like skin. Also helps to blur pores with out clogging them. Doesn’t look chalky on the skin or cause flash back. 

Cons: None that I have found so far…

My Faves: MAC Fix + 

Pros: Can be used as a primer or setting spray. Hydrates the skin while perfecting makeup. Super lightweight formula. Contains chamomile to help calm skin. 

Cons: Mist isn’t the best 

A GOOD SKINCARE ROUTINE: Paying attention to the types of base products you use isn’t the only way to protect your sensitive skin. Curating a good skincare routine for your skin type is super important too! 

WHAT I’VE LEARNED: Through this journey I really had to learn that my skin will never be perfect and thats irate, We shouldn’t have to strive to be perfect we just have to do our best. This has really helped me to appreciate my skin (bumps, pores and all). 

COMING UP NEXT: Like I mentioned before curating a skincare routine is most important for protecting and healing your skin. Next up we will be discussing my favorite physical exfoliant. 

Xoxo Mel 

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